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Creative retreat for experienced artists

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Creative lab for experienced and early-career artists

Artist’s Attachment

Sustained period of practice development for experienced artists

Artist Development

Deadline for applications: 5pm, Tuesday 30 January

In 2016, we were part of a hugely successful playwright exchange between New Zealand and Scotland. New Zealand playwright Arthur Meek spent three months with us as Writer-in-Residence and the resulting play, Erewhon Revisited, was subsequently produced at the Christchurch Arts Festival in partnership with Magnetic North. The exchange came out of a wider strategy cultivated by the partners over a number of years to encourage the exchange of creative ideas, voices and forms between two distinctive yet synergistic communities of international artists.

In the longer term, the aim is to build sustainable links for collaboration between playwrights and producers; the commissioning and production of new plays; touring productions, transfers and co-productions.

In 2018, the second phase of the exchange will take place when a playwright from Scotland will spend three months as Writer-in-Residence for a theatre company in New Zealand. The residency is being created in a partnership between Magnetic North, Playwrights' Studio ScotlandPlaymarket New Zealand and Creative New Zealand.

How to apply: 

You are eligible to apply if:

  • You are an experienced mid-career or established professional playwright.   (You will have been commissioned formally by a professional organisation using a contract recognised by the Federation of Scottish Theatre/Scottish Society of Playwrights, the Writers' Guild of Great Britain or other equivalent body.  You have had at least one full-length play - over 60 minutes in playing time - performed, in a full production, by a professional company, using formally contracted personnel, for more than six performances)
  • You have a particular play you would like to develop during the Residency in New Zealand
  • Your main residence is in Scotland
  • You are available between Saturday 26 May - Saturday 18 August

All partners in this project believe in the importance of diversity and aim to work actively with artists from a range of different backgrounds. As they are currently under-represented, Playwrights' Studio Scotland strives to increase applications and representation within its programmes from playwrights:

  • writing in Gaelic or Scots
  • based outside the central belt of Scotland
  • from Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic backgrounds
  • with disabilities

Further information and a link to the application form is available here (link takes you to Playwrights' Studio Scotland website). 


A creative retreat for experienced artists


SPACE/TIME is a paid creative retreat for experienced artists from all disciplines that asks the question “How does an artist keep developing?”

It aims to refresh participants through a stimulating examination of creativity. During the residency, we will explore how creativity can be nourished and how artists can continue to challenge themselves to develop.

The residency combines facilitated dialogue - built around a series of self-generated questions - with time for individual reflection and work. It is led by Nicholas Bone and Alice McGrath.

Participation in Space/Time is open to experienced artists and selection is through an open call process. Participants are paid a fee to attend the retreat.

The next Space/Time residency runs from 23rd-27th February 2018 at the Swallow Theatre, near Whithorn in Dumfries & Galloways. The deadline for applications is 5pm on Friday 22nd December - in order to apply, please download application information here and an Equalities Monitoring form here

If you want to know more about Space/Time, you can watch this short film which captures the reflections of the 5 artists who took part in the 2015 retreat.

Previous Space/Time retreats

2017 (November) Cove Park.  Artists: Elaine Kordys (film-maker), Hanna Tuulikki(visual artist), Lynda Radley (playwright), Mary Bourne (sculptor), and Tam Dean Burn (actor and writer).

2017 (June) Durhamhill. Artists: Donna Rutherford (theatre maker), Ian Spink (choreographer and director), Jenna Watt (playwright and director), Kirstie Cohen (visual artist), Sophie Bancroft (musician).

2017 (February) Cove Park: Older Emerging Artists. Artists: Annie Peel, Beatrix Wood, Frank McElhinny, Ian Cameron, Kate Clayton, Lesley Wilson. Presented in partnership with Luminate, a-n and Cove Park

2016 (October) Cove Park. Artists: Anthony Green (composer), Flore Gardner (visual artist), Kirsty Whiten (visual artist), Mamoru Iriguchi (theatre maker), Maria Oller (theatre director)Presented in partnership with Cove Park

2016 (March): Cromarty Arts Trust. Artists: Anne Milne (film-maker), Annie George (playwright/director), Bill Thompson (sound artist), Merav Israel (choreographer), Ros Steen (voice teacher), Shona Reppe (performer/ theatre-maker). 

2015: Cove Park. Artists: Catrin Evans (theatre maker), Kate V Robertson (visual artist), Pernille Spence (visual artist), Scott Twynholm (composer), Zoe Irvine (sound artist). Presented in partnership with Cove Park

2014: Cromarty Arts Trust. Artists: Claire Pencak (choreographer), Ian Waugh (film-maker), James Wyness (composer), Janie Nicoll (visual artist), Su Grierson (visual artist). 

2012: Lyth Arts Centre.  Artists: Alan McKendrick (playwright/director), Christine Devaney (choreographer/director), Janie Nicoll (visual artist), Linda McLean (playwright), Michael John McCarthy (composer/musician). 


Hanna Tuulikki

The first recipient of the Magnetic North Artist's Attachment award is Hanna Tuulikki, a visual artist, composer, and performer who works with the voice.

Hanna will be attached to Magnetic North from October 2017 until March 2019 in order to explore how her practice can incorporate dance. The focus of this work will be the development of a new project, Deer Dancer, in which Hanna will investigate the mimesis of deer in traditional dances around the world, aiming to develop a 'trans-species' contemporary performance inspired by these dance traditions.

Interdisciplinary in nature, her project will explore contemporary issues of ecology and cultural knowledge, addressing the ways in which the relationship between humans and this totemic, ideologically powerful animal have shaped past and present perceptions of wilderness, defining ecologies, as well as constructing gender, informing contemporary understandings of masculinity.

Hanna was selected following interviews with a cross-disciplinary panel in August 2017.  During the attachment, she will be paid a fee that will allow her to spend six months focusing on the project, she will also have a budget, and will be mentored by Magnetic North's Artistic Director Nicholas Bone.

Photos from Hanna's visit to see the Abbots Bromley Horn Dance in September 2017 as part of her research (photos by Nigel Tradewell) - click to enlarge:

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Artist's Attachment: Magnetic North's Artist's Attachment is a unique opportunity for an experienced artist to spend paid time focusing on a major development in their practice. Any professional artist based in Scotland with a significant track-record of making work for at least seven years is eligible to apply. You can read more about the Artist's Attachment here.  

 The application process for the second Artist's Attachment will be in Summer 2018. Join our Artist Development mailing list to receive information about this and all our opportunities.

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Paid development for Scottish-based artists

Artist's Attachment is a major new paid opportunity for Scottish-based artists with a significant track record from any art form to focus on a new development in their work. It is supported by Creative Scotland and Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

Any professional artist based in Scotland with a significant track-record of making work for at least seven years is eligible to apply: the selected artist will be attached to Magnetic North for up to 18 months with the purpose of focusing on a significant new development in their practice. The artist can be from any art form – theatre, dance, visual art, music or film, for example - but the attachment will be particularly suitable for those with either a performative element to their work, or an interest in developing one.

During the time of the attachment, the artist will be paid a bursary of £15,000, calculated to give them up to 6 months dedicated time whilst allowing them time to undertake other commissions or work. The artist will also have a budget of £5,000 to be used in connection with the attachment - for example, to pay other artists or collaborators, to travel or undertake training.

The artist will be supported throughout by Magnetic North’s core team of Artistic Director and Producer, who will help them shape and plan the attachment. They will also receive regular mentoring from Artistic Director Nicholas Bone.

The first recipient of the award is visual artist, composer, and performer Hanna Tuulikki - you can find out more about her and what she will do during her attachment here.

The next round of applications will be in Summer 2018. Join our Artist Development mailing list to receive information about this and all our opportunities.






Magnetic North runs a comprehensive Artist and Project Development programme

It provides paid opportunities for established and emergent artists from all disciplines both to develop their practice and to explore ideas for new work. All participants are paid a fee, and we actively encourage applications from Deaf and disabled artists and BAME artists.

Click on the links below to find out more about the individual parts of the programme. Sign up for our Artist and Project Development mailing list using the panel on the right.

  • SPACE/TIME creative retreat.  A 5 day multi-art form residential retreat for artists from all disciplines, built around facilitated discussion and individual time for reflection. Participation in Space/Time is open to established artists and selection is through an open call process. The next Space/Time retreat is in February 2018; you can apply now, more information here.

  • 2018 NEW ZEALAND PLAYWRIGHT RESIDENCY. An opportunity for a playwright based in Scotland too spend three months as writer-in-residence with a New Zealand theatre company. Closing date for applications 30th January 2018 - more information here
  • OLDER EMERGING ARTISTS' LAB.  A 5 day multi-art form residential lab for older emerging artists, a specially-tailored version of our Space/Time retreats presented in partnership with Luminate, a-n and Cove Park. More information here.

  • ROUGH MIX creative lab. A two week multi-art form practical opportunity for artists to try out new ideas and new ways of working. It brings together a small group of practitioners from different disciplines and gives them time to start developing new projects in a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. Rough Mix is open to both established and emergent artists and selection is through an open call process. To apply for the next Rough Mix join our Artist Development mailing list to ensure you receive details.

  • ARTIST'S ATTACHMENT development for an artist. A major new paid development opportunity for Scottish-based artists with a significant track record from any art form. Supported by Creative Scotland and the Jerwood Charitable Foundation. 

  • RE-MIX project development. We develop projects to production through a process of commissioning and development. Projects may arise from partnerships that begin at Rough Mix, from invitations to artists we admire, or from interesting ideas that are brought to us. 
  • NETWORK ongoing support. Once you have taken part in our artist development programme, you become part of a network of over 80 artists and performers who have already participated. We continue to offer informal and formal support and advice to participants. We plan to nourish this network in the future through twice-yearly catch-ups - refresher days for talking, sharing and socialising. 
  • PRODUCING SUPPORT  We are currently working with a number of Rough Mix artists to help them produce work. We can: 
    • provide creative or logistical advice and support,
    • help find production partners,
    • fundraise,
    • manage productions.

We believe that this programme offers unique opportunities for artists with an interest in live performance from all disciplines.  If you are interested in finding out more about what we do, please subscribe to our Artist Development mailing list.

Support our Artist Development programme - you can find out how to support our artistic development work financially here.



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