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Rough Mix 2010 - Catriona MacInnes' starting point

A Family

In 2006 I went to Morocco to film some research footage for a documentary about Islamic mysticism. When I returned I discovered that one of the tapes from the same batch that I had bought in Malaga on my way down, had footage on it that I didn’t shoot myself. The footage was of a young couple, seeming to be photographers or artists and two children. The footage has haunted me ever since. I don’t know who these people are or what snippet of their lives I have come to witness. Slowly I have begun to imagine and to build a fiction inspired directly by the images and snapshots of the people in this footage.

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Rough Mix 2010 - Ian Spink's starting point


This is based on a true case of a bipolar Australian/German air hostess who went awol in Sydney, she was eventually found wandering around in an Aboriginal settlement in Queensland (the local Aboriginies were worried that she was a bit mad and reported her to the police, she was claiming to be a German tourist). The authorities threw her into a detention camp in South Australia as an illegal immigrant, not noticing that she needed help. It took a year or so for her family to track her down, and even longer for her to actually admit that she knew them.....

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Rough Mix 2010 - Nicholas Bone's starting point

When I was 10 I spent the year in bed

One day at school, the teacher told us that a new boy would be joining our class. She explained that he was older than the rest of us and that he had been ill and that as a result of this he had spent the last year in bed. This seemed fantastically glamorous to me for two reasons: first, he was being announced in advance by the teacher, rather than just having to turn up at school on the first day like the rest of us; and secondly, he hadn’t had to get up for 12 months. No-one really knew anything about him and even once he started, he had an air of mystery about him: the only thing he ever told me was that he hadn’t had his hair cut for the entire year, which only added to his glamour in my eyes even though he now had rather neatly cut hair. What had actually been the matter with him, I never knew - and I was probably too embarrassed to ask him (the middle class fear of asking personal questions) – but I was fascinated by the idea of what it would be like to just stay in bed. This was long before I’d ever heard of Oblomov.

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Rough Mix 2010 - Shaun Bell

Rough Mix Half Way Point

We have reached the half way point. We are an ensemble. Sheila suggests we should imagine we have been an ensemble for many years, sometimes it feels it. The five piece of work we are creating are very different. For Linda, we began looking to objects for stimulation; now we look at objects as stimulation. Ian began with a very specific true story, which we are adapted to create our Anna and our Cornelia. Ruth wanted to add other voices to her own. We have one voice with many paces and accents. One Odyssey. Nick began with the destruction of a storm, in his last workshop he created a controlled fall.

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Walden 2010 - Cameron's Tour Diary

Cameron's Tour Diary- Week 1

So the tour’s begun. This first week has been brilliant! We started at Dancebase in a lovely studio at the very top of the building. This is the studio which Walden was first tried out in a workshop before it was finally developed into the play it is today. The first preview was excellent, having a lot of supportive faces around, some of which were members of the Open Source. It’s always a bit of a nervous start with any preview of a show, but I really enjoyed sharing the story for the first time.

We’ve had a couple of closed performances at St Katherines and Howden Hall in Edinburgh for teens that go to school there and we also had two sell out shows at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow. I have never performed at the Tron before but have seen plenty of great plays there. We were in the Changing House which is a studio space perfectly sized for our show and the wooden beams supporting the roof above, merged aesthetically with our set.

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J. Sharp Taking A Walk
07 September 2014
Very much enjoyed your show at the Brunton Theatre last night and the silent walk to start was an excellent addition, creating the perfect atmosphere....