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It's not every week you get the opportunity to work with a company you have wanted to work with for well lets just say a long time. I'm getting to spend the next two weeks 'playing' with Magnetic North and their exciting collaborators for the rough mix programme 2013.

The anticipation of meeting and working with so many new people is always a little scary but i think it is the best way to keep your game up and your passion alive. We can all become complacent even in our dream jobs and I'm a firm believer that it is when you put yourself out there into new and unknown situations with people you have never met before that you can learn and excel the most.

Cant wait!

Sharron x

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Hello from the documenter

Hi all,

I just wanted to post ahead of the Rough Mix residency starting on Monday. My role is to document the residency for Magnetic North and the artists involved. I'll be armed with an iPad, camera, voice recorder, notebooks and any other equipment I can find to create a record of the ideas developed and of the event as a whole. I'm really excited to get to sit in on such a variety of work.

I'll try to blog as much as I can over the next two weeks and keep you updated.


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First Thoughts and Hellos

Hm, seems that my post disappeared into the ether somewhere around Wigham on the train up from Glasgow. 

Anyway, I was writing that I'm super excited about the upcoming Rough Mix residency. The past two days were spent packing gear and trying to not forget that 'one thing' that I inevitably will. During my time, I'll be exploring ideas using transducers to send sound through objects.  It's not a new idea and I'll be standing on the shoulders of giants (David Tudor), but I think there's still a lot that can be done with them and that it'll open up new territiory in my own practice at least.

I was reminded about transducers when working with Kathy Hinde during the Exchanging Worlds project at Aldeburgh Music. There we built them from scratch with students from Suffolk New College who then wrote electroacoustic pieces for the public to play through structures as they wandered the grounds. Since then I've performed with transducers in Austin, Texas during the Cage Centanary and in Scotland in a recent project, Trees Talk, with Ian Spink. I enjoyed it so much that I've invested in a further 6 units and about 600 feet of cable (I want to play the building)! Of course, in addition to the transducers, I've also brought my usual ton of gear to play through as well, so I'll be fully kitted out for whatever presents itself during the two weeks.

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone (and seeing Ian and Chris Devaney again), and seeing what we can all get up  to together.



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Rough Mix 2013 participating artists announced

Rough Mix 2013 participating artists announced

This year's Rough Mix will take place at Tramway as part of the Rip It Up season.  The residency runs from 11th March and there'll be a public showing at 7.30 on Friday 22nd March - more info here.

The artists at this year's residency are:

They'll be joined by emerging artist Sarah Bradley and a group of performers.  The residency is led by Nicholas Bone. 

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Pass the spoon nominated for Creative Scotland Theatre Award 2012

Pass the Spoon, the sort-of opera by David Fennessy, David Shrigley and Nicholas Bone, has been nominated for the inaugural Creative Scotland Awards 2012 it has been announced today.  The nomination is for the theatre category, which promises to ‘bring the curtain up on an outstanding individual performance or production which made a significant impact on the stage this year.’

First performed at Tramway, Glasgow in November 2011 to sell out audiences and great acclaim, Pass the Spoon has since been performed at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh and at London’s Southbank Centre in the prestigious Queen Elizabeth Hall.  It was also the first live performance to be streamed from the Arts Council England and BBC new digital platform The Space.  The show is available to watch free and on-demand on www.thespace.org.

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Very much enjoyed your show at the Brunton Theatre last night and the silent walk to start was an excellent addition, creating the perfect atmosphere....