Word for Word
Word for Word
by Linda McLean
director Nicholas Bone
designer Mark Leese
movement   Marisa Zanotti    
music Dee Isaacs
lighting   Paul Sorley
cast Linda Duncan McLaughlin, Lewis Howden, John Kazek, Linda Kerr Scott and Helen McAlpine, 




An old woman, Martha, is the last native speaker of an ancient language and carries the cultural DNA of her people in the stories she has in her head, handed down from generation to generation. Hidden in the stories is the explanation of how this ancient people has been reduced to three women and a man living in a decaying block of flats in an inner city.

Ben, a cameraman, carries the images of war he has filmed around in his head. Sent to record Martha's stories before she dies, he finds himself observing another battle - a seventeen year old girl struggling to understand both herself and the inheritance that is hidden in the stories.


AnnMartha     Linda Kerr Scott
Oona Linda Duncan McLaughlin
Marja Helen McAlpine
Nolen Lewis Howden
Ben John Kazek

Production opened at Tramway, Glasgow, March 2003

A Tramway Dark Lights Commission.