We develop projects to production through a process of commissioning and development. Projects may arise from partnerships that begin at Rough Mix, from invitations to artists we admire, or from interesting ideas that are brought to us. We also give support to projects that artists who are part of our network are developing externally.

The type of support we give projects includes:

  • Commissioning: paying an artist to create a new piece of work.
  • Development: time and resources to develop ideas in a practical, focused way - this can range from a single day to several weeks, depending on what stage a project is at.
  • Producing: taking a project through to full production.
  • Production support: providing additional resources to a production.


If you would like to know more about Re-Mix and how we might be able to support you, please contact us.


Current Re-Mix projects:

Gossip from the Forest
Deer Dancer

Previous Re-Mix projects:

We Are All Made Of Stars
Dust, and all that...

Caitlin-Jo 4 Eva

by Lynda Radley

We commissioned playwright Lynda Radley (Rough Mix 2012) to develop an idea she first explored at Rough Mix to a finished script.

She had studio time with actors, a director and a visual artist to work on her first draft; a second stage of development as part of manipulate's Test Room programme; attended a workshop with puppeteer Mervyn Millar; and a final development workshop with director Nicholas Bone.  

The Edge

by Morna Young

We gave playwright Morna Young (Rough Mix 2015) studio time with performers, a director and a sound designer to explore further ideas she developed at Rough Mix.


by Kirstin McLean

We supported playwright Kirstin McLean (Rough Mix 2013/2015) to develop an ambitious new play Close. We gave Kirstin producing support as well as directorial and dramaturgical support from Nicholas Bone as she developed and wrote the script. The process culminated in a rehearsed reading at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow in October 2019.