ROUGH MIX is a paid creative lab for early-stage ideas and practice development: a two-week practical opportunity for artists to try out new ideas or new ways of working.

It brings together a small core group of practitioners from different disciplines and gives them time to start developing new projects in a supportive and collaborative atmosphere.

There just isn’t another programme out there in the UK (not just Scotland) that offers artists a chance to work at such an early stage and yet have so many creative and talented people involved.
Katherine Nesbitt (Rough Mix artist)

Previous residencies

Cample Line, Thornhill.

Maria Falconer, Stuart Macpherson, Sara Shaarawi, Catherine Street, Rob Willoughby.

Collaborating artists: Breezy-Lee Elthalion, Thomas McClure.

Performers: Ali Anderson-Dyer, Andre Anderson, Lucy Doig, Jodie Rae, Cate Ross.

Facilitated by: Nicholas Bone and Emma Jayne Park.

Presented in partnership with Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival, funded by Creative Scotland. 

In person at Summerhall, Edinburgh.

Sanjay Lago (actor and writer), Morven Macbeth (actor and theatre-maker), Alice Mary Cooper (actor and theatre-maker), Linda McLean (playwright).

Collaborating artist: Marie-Gabrielle Koumenda (singer-songwriter).

Performance ensemble: Jessica Innes, Sheila Macdougall, Kirsty May Hamilton, Thabo Mokolobate, Shakara Rose Carter.

Co-facilitated by: Nicholas Bone and Jaïrus Obayomi.

Presented in partnership with Summerhall, funded by Creative Scotland. 

In person at Macrobert Arts Centre, Stirling.

Beth Dynowski (artist and writer), Kathy McKean (playwright), Priiya Prethora (theatre performer and movement practitioner), Jennifer Paterson (aerial and dance director) and Lewis Sherlock (physical performance maker).

Collaborating artists: Ben Fletcher (musician and producer) and Amy Conway (playwright and theatre maker).

Performance ensemble: Alice Mary Cooper, Evie Jo Waddell, Greg Sinclair, Jim Manganello, Merav Israel, Tim Barrow.

Production and stage management: Rachel Matthews.

Presented in partnership with Macrobert Arts Centre.

Online, in partnership with the Macrobert Arts Centre, Stirling.

Stuart Brown (musician & composer), Jusztina Hermann (performance artist & director), Mamoru Iriguchi (performance maker & theatre designer), Kirsty Law (performer & songmaker), Alan McKendrick (writer & director) and Malcolm Sutherland (choreographer & dance artist).

Collaborating artists: Lewis Sherlock (physical theatre & director) and Andrea Cabrera Luna (artistic director).

Performance ensemble: Katie Armstrong, Penny Chivas, Zoja Dravai, Sean Hay, Ross Mann and Molly Scott Danter.

Production and stage management: Louise Gregory.

Presented in partnership with Macrobert Arts Centre.

Summerhall, Edinburgh

Flavia Hevia (animator/puppeteer), Gavin Glover (puppeteer), Jenna Watt (theatre maker), Greg Sinclair (performance artist, cellist and composer), Uther Dean (writer).

Early-career artists: Kolbrún Bjort Sigfusdottir (playwright), Rachel Drazek (movement director and choreographer).

Performance ensemble: Apphia Campbell, Claire Eliza Willoughby. Elspeth Turner, Marion Geoffray, Nicholas Alban, Sean Hay. 

Presented in partnership with Manipulate Festival and Summerhall with funding from the British Council and Creative New Zealand

Perth Theatre

AIlie Robertson (composer, Diego Bagagal (theatremaker), Lesley Wilson (playwright), Nichola Scrutton (composer/sound artist), Rosanna Irvine (choreographer)

Early-career artists: Bob Bennett (choreographer), Lise Olsen (sound artist)

Performance ensemble: Belle Jones, Danielle Tyrer, Ian Spink, Laurie Brown, Lorna Craig, Neil John Gibson

Presented in partnership with Perth Theatre/Horsecross and with support from the British Council

Basement Theatre, Auckland

Carl Bland (playwright/director), Julia Croft (Live Artist/theatre-maker), Morna Young (playwright and musician), Sacha Copland (choreographer), Sophie Bannan (visual artist).

Early career artists: Andrew Gunn (theatre-maker), Xavier Breed (choreographer)

Performance ensemble: Anya Tate Manning, Clare Marcie, Jag Popham, Ryan Dulieu, Rosie Tapsell, Tui Hofmann

The residency was led by Nicholas Bone, with support from Nisha Madhan.

Presented in partnership with Playmarket New Zealand, Playwrights' Studio Scotland and Basement Theatre with funding from Creative New Zealand and Creative Scotland

Eastgate Theatre, Peebles

Annie George (playwright/director), Caitlin Skinner (theatre maker), Flore Gardner (visual artist), Karl Jay-Lewin (choreographer), Ross Whyte (composer)

Early-career artists: Felicity Bristow (visual artist), Sue Scowcroft (visual artist)

Performance ensemble: Claire Pencak, Elspeth Turner, Laurie Brown, Scott Noble, Tim Barrow, Vivien Reid

Presented in partnership with Eastgate Theatre

The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen

Arthur Meek (playwright), Katherine Nesbitt (director), Aminder Virdee (visual artist), Matthew Whiteside (composer), Marisa Zanotti (filmmaker)

Early-career artists: Jeni Reid (photographer), Sara Shaarawi (playwright)

Performance ensemble: Mhairi Allan, Cameron Mowat, Sarah Ord, David Rankine, Elspeth Turner, Richard White.

Stage Manager: Rachael Miller

Rough Mix Aberdeen was realised in partnership with Aberdeen Performing Arts and supported by the David & June Gordon Memorial Trust and Aberdeen City Council.

Summerhall, Edinburgh

Sonia Allori (composer), Andy Cannon (storyteller), Su Grierson (visual artist), Rob Heaslip (choreographer), Alan McKendrick (playwright)

Early-career artists: Eszter Marsalko (theatremaker), Alex Mackay (composer)

Performers: Brigid McCarthy, Claire Willoughby, Ewan Donald, Robin Hellier, Sean Hay, Sheila Macdougall.


Summerhall, Edinburgh

Tony Mills (choreographer), Claire Pencak (choreographer), Ian Spink (choreographer/director), Ian Waugh (film maker), James Wyness (composer), Morna Young (playwright)

Early-career artists: Matthew Collings (composer), Claire Eliza Willoughby (theatremaker)

Performance ensemble: Ben Clifford, Belle Jones, Brigid McCarthy, Kirstin McLean, Michael Sherin.

You can read blog entries here.

Tramway, Glasgow

 Christine Devaney (choreographer), Linda McLean (playwright), Janie Nicoll (visual artist), Miguel Rojo (theatremaker), Kate Temple (visual artist), Bill Thompson (sound artist)

Early-career artist: Sarah Bradley(theatremaker)

Performance ensemble: Ewan Downie, Kirstin McLean, Ian Spink, Patricia Kavanagh, Sean Hay, Sharron Devine  

It was part of the inaugural Rip It Up season at Tramway.


Dance Base, Edinburgh

Daniel Padden (composer), Nicholas Bone (Director), Lynda Radley (Playwright), Kate V. Robertson (Visual Artist), Ian Spink (Director & choreographer), Ros Steen (voice director), 

Early career artists: Kim Moore (composer), Jamie Wardrop (video artist)

Peformers: Gill Roberston, Jack Webb, Julia Taudevin, Keith Macpherson, Kirstin Murray, Michael Sherin, Sheila Macdougall


Dance Base, Edinburgh

Ruth Barker (visual artist), Nicholas Bone (director), Catriona MacInnes (film-maker), Linda McLean (playwright), Ian Spink (choreographer/director)

Early-career artist: Harry Wilson (theatre-maker)

Performance ensemble: Catherine Gillard, Veronica Leer, Kirstin Murray, Michael Sherin, David Walshe

Dance Base, Edinburgh

Nicholas Bone (Director), Clare Duffy (Playwright), David Fennessy (Composer), Ronan O'Donnell (Playwright), Sans façon (Tristan Surtees & Charles Blanc) (Visual Artists), Marisa Zanotti (Choreographer & Filmmaker)