Artist Development
Artist Development
Rough Mix

Creative lab for experienced and early-career artists


Creative retreat for experienced artists

Artist Attachment

Sustained period of practice development for experienced artists



Magnetic North supports individual artists in a number of ways, including:

Artist Attachmentsustained development for mid-career artists. A major new paid development opportunity for Scottish-based artists with a significant track record from any art form. The current award-holder is Jenna Watt.

International Artist Exchanges  opportunities for artists from Scotland to work abroad and for international artists to take part in Rough Mix. Exchanges include:

  • 2016 New Zealand - Scotland Playwright Exchange playwright Arthur Meek spent three months as writer-in-residence with us working on Erewhon, which premiered at the 2017 Christchurch Arts Festival.
  • 2018 Scotland - New Zealand Playwright Residency playwright Morna Young spent three months as writer-in-residence with BATS Theatre in Auckland, New Zealand writing and researching The Water Spirits.
  • 2020 Scotland-Quebec Puppetry Exchange programme two puppeteers - one from Scotland and one from Quebec - will each work to develop new work that combines live puppetry with stop-motion processes as part of Rough Mix 2020

Mentoring we support a number of artists each year to explore new aspects in their work, or to develop new skills through individual mentoring sessions. 

Network once you have taken part in our artist development programme, you become part of a network of over 100 artists and performers who have already participated. We continue to offer informal and formal support and advice to participants. We plan to nourish this network in the future through twice-yearly catch-ups - refresher days for talking, sharing and socialising. 

We believe that this programme offers unique opportunities for artists with an interest in live performance from all disciplines.  If you are interested in finding out more about what we do, please subscribe to our Artist Development mailing list.

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