In two weeks five artists will embark on our creative retreat called Space/Time at Cove Park. Two of the artists have sent us a postcard (including an audio one!) in the run up to the residency:

Sharron Devine (Theatre Maker & Director)

Artist Name - Sharron-Devine.m4a

Ross Whyte (Composer, Sound Artist, and Arranger)
For the last couple of years, I have been working fairly solidly on projects both at home and abroad.  Many of these experiences have had a profound impact on my practice and have led to some wonderful collaborations.  The opportunity to stop, take stock, and reflect on these experiences is often very hard to come by.  That’s the nature of the job, of course, but I’ve found that those moments of reflection, when they can occur, are extremely invaluable.

I’m trying not to have too many expectations going into Space/Time but, rather, be open to whatever may come.  That said, I’m eagerly anticipating some in-depth discussions about the ‘big’ questions – e.g. why do we create and who are we creating for?  Perhaps the biggest questions I have of myself are: how do I continue to make music that I feel sounds fresh?  How far am I willing to go outside of my comfort zone?  In what ways can I challenge myself and others?  

The opportunity to engage with other artists – especially those of disciplines different from my own – is always exciting.  As artists, we’re always developing and, certainly for me, I always learn something new about my own practice when I learn about the approaches of other art practitioners.


Eoin Carey (Photographer)
To give context to my thoughts and expectations for Space/Time I wanted to make a short film instead of just writing a statement. I had in mind a scenario, familiar for many I'm sure, where I begin to write at a desk and narrate my thoughts, until a small two year old walks into shot and for the next two hours I am a mixture of reading, playing, cleaning, feeding, lifting, calming, anything but writing. The punchline of course is that setting up a camera was as far as I got before the inevitable montage of duty, and so I'm writing a statement.

Space/Time comes at a really important time for me personally and professionally. Fatherhood is still very new for me, and the routine of caring for my child has eclipsed everything else since she arrived. This residency for me represents a huge milestone where I feel ready again to embrace my work and my creativity. It also comes at a crucial time of reflection where I want to develop a balance between a working world of freelance commissions and commercial projects and find a way to pursue my own creative vision and projects. I have worked as a photographer in Scotland for 8 years and have developed a practice where I am often the eye in a room, but rarely the artist.

The residency represents rare time away from routine to rethink photography's value and place in my life. I anticipate having time to focus on my image making and the camera as well as on questions and ideas shared with others, and  the opportunity to sit at a table as an artistic equal to talk about work, creativity, motivation, (parenthood?), and being an artist in Scotland.