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Orpheus & Eurydice


I have been playing the drums from the age of 13, and touring all over the world from the age of 21, but I've never been involved in anything quite like the Lost in Music project. Traditionally, drummers are the lowest in the food chain within any band... then bass players... then guitarists... then those human peacocks with the God-shaped hole in their soul: lead singers. Drummers are also considered to be a bit thick, with a touch of the caveman about them. As a drummer, I am used to the role of supporting other people's ideas. But I am also lucky enough to have done that with some of the most innovative musicians of my generation. So, I have had privileged access to some very unusual and highly developed methods of song writing, recording and performing. This has served me well when I have come to start my own bands and write my own songs.

My interests and influences have always been varied and not strictly tied to music. I tend to get a lot of ideas from films and books and art in general. As a song writer, one of my keenest interests over the last few years has been Greek myths. They offer such powerful insights into the origins of human emotions, motivations and psychological complexes. 

"Orpheus and Eurydice" is an eternal tale of hopeless love, extravagant talent and self-destruction. Its origins are ancient, dating back to a time when every aspect of life under the Greek Empire was supercharged by a different god for every activity and emotion. These weren't benevolent gods aiding obedient Greeks through their daily drudgery but cruel, capricious, vengeful, jealous, sex-crazed deities intent on keeping man rooted to his place at the bottom of the cosmic food-chain. Although its origins are ancient, its themes of hubris, carnality and emotional snakes & ladders reverberate through the ages and are as relevant now as ever before.

For Lost in Music we've adapted the "Orpheus and Eurydice" myth and implanted original songs to help tell the story and externalise some of the internal conflicts of the characters. We are also attempting to infuse the story with a sense of the joy of music itself and how that can be a powerful way of funnelling feelings and transforming negative emotions into positive creativity. This is a feeling which can be at it's most potent within young people who are discovering the music for the first time, but it's something that you can carry with you throughout your life.
Lost in Music by Kim Moore and Nicholas Bone
with songs by Kim Moore, Alex Neilson (Trembling Bells), Jill O'Sullivan (Sparrow and the Workshop, bdy_prts), Emily Phillips, and Claire Willoughby.  
March 2019.