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Reflections on Rough Mix 2014

Rough Mix 2014...


It's been a great adventure, with many new approaches I've not been exposed to before, and the excitement of working with a large group of creative artists everyday for a long period. This is something rather new to me; as a composer a great deal of my time is spent working alone, so this was a great change. It was also fascinating to get a look into how other artists develop work and put it together - and interesting to see this unfolding out in front of you. Usually I don't show work unless it is fairly fully formed, so it was both humbling and inspiring to physically see and hear the ideas pour out from every direction , to see them tested, succeed and fail (also stimulating my own ideas process as we went along). For me, often the 'failures' or ideas which fell by the way-side were as exciting as those taken forward.


The great thing about collaboration, especially with people you've not worked with before is how you find different things about your own practice emerge. For me, especially during the second week as sound became more of a part of numerous projects, it was a challenge staying on top of the constant flow of ideas, and contributing from different angles. It certainly kept me on my toes, and pushed me to come up with clear ideas quickly, which varied drastically during the course of a session - sketching out a soundscape for an imaginary peninsula centered around a literal giant beating heart for Morna Young's 'Edge', finding a bed of sound for Claire Willoughby's raft and dance moves, live speech sampling and manipulation for Tony Mill's 'truth creature' followed by a score encompassing epic and tragic aggression for Ian Waugh's audio-visual performance based on the 1984 Miner's Strike. I'm confident I would never have produced this work without the other artists and I've already come up with a number of future ideas inspired by these blasts of ideas and energy. Hopefully these pieces will grow and I can be part of them again in some way, and witness how they develop from these sketches into the fully-formed, brilliant pieces I'm sure they will be.

Taking A Walk
The penultimate day


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Guest - J. Sharp Taking A Walk
07 September 2014
Very much enjoyed your show at the Brunton Theatre last night and the silent walk to start was an excellent addition, creating the perfect atmosphere....