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Orpheus & Eurydice


I have been playing the drums from the age of 13, and touring all over the world from the age of 21, but I've never been involved in anything quite like the Lost in Music project. Traditionally, drummers are the lowest in the food chain within any band... then bass players... then guitarists... then those human peacocks with the God-shaped hole in their soul: lead singers. Drummers are also considered to be a bit thick, with a touch of the caveman about them. As a drummer, I am used to the role of supporting other people's ideas. But I am also lucky enough to have done that with some of the most innovative musicians of my generation. So, I have had privileged access to some very unusual and highly developed methods of song writing, recording and performing. This has served me well when I have come to start my own bands and write my own songs.

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‘Lost in Music’: reflecting the inner thoughts, fears and aspirations of 2019’s young generation.

Lost in Music, Scottish director Nicholas Bone’s collaboration with composer Kim Moore (who also produces work as WOLF) has its UK premiere at North Edinburgh Arts from 1-2 March and then plays at Platform, Glasgow on 6-7 March 2019.

An intriguing and engaging mix of gig-theatre and verbatim performance, Lost in Music features new songs inspired by the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice - the story of a talented musical couple’s journey to hell and back - and the voices of young musicians talking about what music means to them and how it informs their lives, friendships and sense of self.

Read the full Lost in Music media release (PDF).

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The geography of love starts in Scotland

Hi, I’m Diego Bagagal, a Brazillian-Portuguese artist based in Lisbon. From Monday I'll be taking part in a creative lab called Rough Mix in Perth.

In July 2017 I was in Edinburgh as one of the Brazilian delegates from Momentum - a British Council and Creative Scotland project. I presented my platform, MADAME TEATRO, and I was very interested in co-creating with a Scottish based artist.

However, on the last day of Momentum, after attending so many meetings and shows, I was feeling a strong intuition and connection with Scotland, and at that moment I felt that I wanted more than a simple co-creation, I wanted to start an artistic dialogue and exchange.

At the end of 2017 I was again in Scotland, this time in Glasgow, co-creating with the director Susan Worsfold (we met in 2015 in Brazil) a solo show called "Cleopatra”. At that time I met Lorna Duguid and told her about my future project: ‘Geography of Love’. We had a fantastic conversation about the “disco” movement and its freedom, and she also told me about Rough Mix.

After an inspiring Skype meeting with Magnetic North's Artistic Director Nicholas Bone, I was very impressed with how they approach creation, artists and art. After our chat, “Rough Mix” sounded like the perfect incubator for my future project. I got very excited!

During our conversation I shared a project that I'm calling ‘Geography of Love’.

Let me tell you a bit about ‘Geography of Love’:

In 2011 my dearest uncle Ricardo passed away. He knew in a deep way the history and geography of the world. The interesting thing is that he never travelled beyond Brazil. He was a huge fan, in the 80’s, of Ipanema’s beach and Copacabana, two iconic places of Rio de Janeiro, known for its sexual freedom.

In the 90’s he contracted HIV+. Uncle Ricardo and I had a very strong relationship (I lived with him from the age of one till my 17th birthday) and before his death he gave me his "heritage".

His heritage consisted of a plastic box with some objects (photographs, journal pages, drawings, official documents) and hundreds of city postcards, that he exchanged from the end of the 1970 till the end of 1990's with different people - 90% were men.

That was the time that erotism and glamour were in the air and when the horror of AIDS was still in full force, ripping through his lovers, friends, idols and community. 

In 2016 I opened the heritage/box (and cried almost like a river!) and started to map the postcards. All the continents are represented, from south to north, from west to east.

After six months I came with a suitable title: Geography of Love.

I’d like to create with other partners a work that can talk about love and utopia. From the micro (Uncle Ricardo) to the macro (all men could be inspired by love without geographical barriers and freedom).

I don’t have any pre-conceived idea about how it should look (sometimes I think about something very visual and musical). Right now, I’m approaching it more in terms of music, visual arts and archives than theatre. 

For me it's very clear that this is a bilingual project because of the international content of it.

With the support of British Council and Creative Scotland, my time in Scotland for Rough Mix will start a utopic and geographical journey.

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Marisa Zanotti and The Spirit Merchants

Film-maker Marisa Zanotti - who took part in Rough Mix 2016 in Aberdeen - will be coming to Edinburgh next year to work on a Re-Mix residency researching a new project, The Spirit Merchants, where she explores a world of mediums and the relationship between spiritualism and technologies in the Victorian era.  We're very excited to host her and look forward to seeing how the project develops. In the meantime, here's a trailer:

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Aotearoa (The Long, White Cloud)

I’m on the other side of the world, at the almost northernmost point of the north island. This is Cape Reinga, where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific Ocean in a spectacular swirl of currents. It is a sacred site, steeped in spirituality; for Māori, this is the place where the wairua (spirit) of their recently passed loved ones depart to the afterlife, their homeland Hawaiki.


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