November 27 2020

Space/Time online residency

From 30 November our paid residency for experienced artists gets underway. Space/Time is a creative…
November 26 2020

Marking 21 years of Magnetic North

We've commissioned a selection of artists who we have worked with over the years to…
November 12 2020

Parent / Carer SPACE / TIME artist residency

From 16-20 November 2020 we're holding our Space/Time online residency for experienced artists and/or creative…
July 24 2020

Announcing 12 new commissions for artists

We’re proud to announce the artists we will support with our micro-commissions programme.
May 28 2020

Reflections on Rough Mix 2020

I’m writing this in the middle of the coronavirus lockdown, which makes this reflection even…
May 07 2020

In the Space/Time continuum

During the week of 11th May, we’ll be trialling an online version of our Space/Time…
April 15 2020

Virtual walks in real places

As reported in my previous post, we began our first development week on Sara Maitland's…
April 03 2020

Artist Attachment update

In January 2020 I took part in Magnetic North’s Rough Mix Residency, where I was…
March 23 2020

Magnetic North: Adapting to a new world

Magnetic North is developing a new performance project based on the book Gossip from the…