by Tom McGrath

director Nicholas Bone
designer    Becky Minto
sound  Philip Pinsky
lighting Simon Wilkinson


John Buick, Irene Macdougall, Martin McBride, Cameron Mowat, Vari Sylvester, Molly Vevers, Natalie Wallace and Emily Winter


Kora is well known in Whitfield. Her house is bursting at the seams with children, the neighbour's taken to throwing his electrical goods out of the window and another one is keeping a horse in his house.

Premiered at the Traverse in 1986 and set in the Skarne flats in Dundee's Whitfield area, Kora is a funny, sometimes tragic and always poetic play about what happens when people are pushed too far.  Developed from a drama-documentary Tom McGrath planned for the BBC but never made, at the play's heart is the enchanting, beautiful, almost mythical Kora - part Earth-mother, part Tiger-mother.

Kora was a co-production between Magnetic North and Dundee Rep and was performed in a new performance space at the Bonar Hall.


Kora               Emily Winter
Ina Vari Sylvester
Florence Molly Vevers
Julie Irene Macdougall
Bill / Turpin Martin McBride
Peter Cameron Mowat
Jean Natalie Wallace
David John Buick

A co-production with Dundee Rep