The Dream Train
The Dream Train

by Tom McGrath

Director Nicholas Bone
Designer Emily Couper
Lighting designer     Renny Robertson
Music J.S.Bach
Cast Lynne Edmonstone, David Gallacher (1999), Simon Scott (2000) Mary McCusker and Derek McGhie

"Sad, beautiful, purposeful, and, in a playful kind of way, very grown-up" The Scotsman


"In a castle somewhere on Scotland's east coast, a moth-eaten baron obsessed with the music of Bach struggles to sleep. He is tended by a strange androgynous figure, sometimes the young 18th century pianist Goldberg, sometimes a beautiful young girl who seems to love him; meanwhile, on a train lumbering up the same coast, the baron's beautiful but ageing wife meets an intensely attractive young man heading for the same station. For 90 minutes this quartet of characters weave their way in and out of one another's dreams and realities."
Joyce McMillan in The Scotsman


The Baron  David Gallacher (1999) / Simon Scott (2000)
Laura Mary McCusker
Chris Derek McGhie
Goldberg Lynne Edmonstone

Production opened at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, November 1999

Revised version opened at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow, September 2000


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