A live event for lockdown Co-produced by Sans façon and Magnetic North


At a time of isolation, Stories from Here shared a collection of real memories from individuals near and far retold as true short stories.

Throughout the week of May 4th 2020, Stories from Here took us to different times and places through a selection of funny, touching and soul-shaking memories retold live each day by actors Anne Mason, Peter Parolin and Apphia Campbell, accompanied by a selection of Mike Sinclair’s photographs.

Between 2015 and 2019, over 150 people in Calgary (Alberta), Kansas City (Missouri) and Laramie (Wyoming), generously accepted an invitation from artists Sans façon to participate in an exploration of the sense of place through people’s individual memories. Using a specifically developed exercise derived from police cognitive interview techniques, memories were recalled in unexpected detail bringing fascinating insights into people’s relationship to places, with all their complexities, perspectives and personal connections.

Vividly poignant, as well as seemingly mundane or insignificant, these painstakingly observe moments together touch on the complex diversity of our subconscious connection to geography.  Whether a moment in a bar, a forest, a bus, a patrol base, a suburban front lawn or an old hardware store, the memories bring to the fore a beautifully human aspect of place.

This invitation au voyage is a reminder of our connections to place and to each other at a time when, with the desire to connect with others outside of our homes and makeshift home offices, elsewhere is a constant presence.

There was a different selection of stories read every night from May 4th-8th, each session lasted approximately 15 minutes.

Magnetic North and Sans façon previously collaborated on WaldenA Walk at the Edge of the World and Wild Life.

Stories from Here has been devised by Sans façon and developed in collaboration with Magnetic North's Artistic Director Nicholas Bone, actors Anne Mason, Peter Parolin and Apphia Campbell, and features photographs by Mike Sinclair. It is a co-production between Magnetic North and Sans façon and is made possible by Contemporary CalgaryKCAI Crossroads Gallery: Center for Contemporary PracticeContemporary Arts Museum HoustonWyoming Public RadioLaramie Public Art CoalitionWyoming Art PartyThe Haub School of ENR.