A creative retreat for experienced artists


SPACE/TIME is a paid creative retreat for experienced artists from all disciplines that asks the question “How does an artist keep developing?”

It aims to refresh participants through a stimulating examination of creativity. During the residency, we will explore how creativity can be nourished and how artists can continue to challenge themselves to develop.

The residency combines facilitated dialogue - built around a series of self-generated questions - with time for individual reflection and work. It is led by Nicholas Bone and Alice McGrath.

Participation in Space/Time is open to experienced artists and selection is through an open call process. Participants are paid a fee to attend the retreat.

The most recent Space/Time retreat took place in Findhorn, Moray from 10-15 March 2020. It was presented in partnership with Dance North Scotland. Find out more here.

If you want to know more about Space/Time, you can watch this short film which captures the reflections of the 5 artists who took part in the 2015 retreat.

Previous Space/Time retreats:

2019 (October) Cove Park. Artists: Cathy Forde (writer), Daniel Padden (composer/musician), Alyson Hallett (poet), Rob Young (writer), Emma Jayne Park (dancer/theatre maker). Read more about them here.

2019 (March) Lyth Arts Centre. Artists: Alex Patience (interdisciplinary artist), Angus Balbernie (choreographer), Jenna Watt (theatremaker), Jo Clifford (playwright), Mark Saunders (director). Read more about all of them here.

2018 (October) Sabhal Mòr Ostaig: Teaching Artists. Artists:  Una McDade, Tina West, Martyn Dempsey, Hazel Blue, Alison Muir. Presented in partnership with SDTN.

2018 (October) Cove Park. Artists: Sharron Devine (theatre maker), Ross Whyte (composer/sound artist), Eoin Carey (photographer), Pat Law (visual artist), Nichola Scrutton (composer/sound artist).

2018 (February) Swallow Theatre. Artists: Carol McKay (author), Claire Halleran (theatre designer), Ewan Robertson (sculptor), Gillian Brent (sculptor), and Harry Harris (singer/songwriter)

2017 (November) Cove Park.  Artists: Elaine Kordys (film-maker), Hanna Tuulikki (visual artist), Lynda Radley (playwright), Mary Bourne (sculptor), and Tam Dean Burn (actor and writer).

2017 (June) Durhamhill. Artists: Donna Rutherford (theatre maker), Ian Spink (choreographer and director), Jenna Watt (playwright and director), Kirstie Cohen (visual artist), Sophie Bancroft (musician).

2017 (February) Cove Park: Older Emerging Artists. Artists: Annie Peel, Beatrix Wood, Frank McElhinny, Ian Cameron, Kate Clayton, Lesley Wilson. Presented in partnership with Luminate, a-n and Cove Park.

2016 (October) Cove Park. Artists: Anthony Green (composer), Flore Gardner (visual artist), Kirsty Whiten (visual artist), Mamoru Iriguchi (theatre maker), Maria Oller (theatre director)Presented in partnership with Cove Park

2016 (March): Cromarty Arts Trust. Artists: Anne Milne (film-maker), Annie George (playwright/director), Bill Thompson (sound artist), Merav Israel (choreographer), Ros Steen (voice teacher), Shona Reppe (performer/ theatre-maker). 

2015: Cove Park. Artists: Catrin Evans (theatre maker), Kate V Robertson (visual artist), Pernille Spence (visual artist), Scott Twynholm (composer), Zoe Irvine (sound artist). Presented in partnership with Cove Park

2014: Cromarty Arts Trust. Artists: Claire Pencak (choreographer), Ian Waugh (film-maker), James Wyness (composer), Janie Nicoll (visual artist), Su Grierson (visual artist). 

2012: Lyth Arts Centre.  Artists: Alan McKendrick (playwright/director), Christine Devaney (choreographer/director), Janie Nicoll (visual artist), Linda McLean (playwright), Michael John McCarthy (composer/musician). 

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